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  • We Always Need God 
    In Mind Your Faith
    Because life comes at us so quickly, and because we get so busy moving about doing so much, we can easily forget or fail to realize how important God really is to us. I don’t just mean how important He is in our worship services or in our routine prayers. I’m talking about a basic recognition that we cannot function in any capacity at all but for the grace of God. We could not move, eat, breath, or accomplish anything in life apart from God’s continual sustenance.  When Daniel was called upon to translate the writing on the wall given to Belshazzar, he gave the reasons why Belshazzar would be deposed. Among the reasons, Belshazzar had exalted himself against “the Lord of heaven” and failed to humble himself even though he knew that “the Most High God is ruler over the realm of mankind and […More...]

On Faith

We believe faith in Jesus as God and King is reasonable and required from scripture. We focus on the Bible as foundational. Read some articles regarding Faith.

On Basics

God trains us with words and ideas we can understand. The basics of Bible knowledge is just as important for advanced Bible students as it is for beginners.  

On Scripture

There is nothing more important to a believer than deepening his/her understanding of God’s word. Delve in a little deeper to the words of life today. 

Articles for Women, by Women

Read insightful articles focusing on an array of scripture topics. These are intended for Christian women of all ages, and stem from dedicated study and experience.

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